Twelve years have passed quickly in my paradise of Nevis.
We had not a clue where Nevis was nor had we heard of it.    The miracle of technology (Google) popped out a photo of the lush 36 square mile island when I keyed in the magic words: quiet, remote, tropical, beaches, nature trails and a few others relevant to achieving the best bang for our buck.
Our home was one of the first at an elevation of 600 feet on the west side of Mount Nevis at the edge of the majestic rain forest.  The panoramic view overlooking the Caribbean Sea, where daily spectacular sunsets occur without fail, continues to take my breath away.
We met new neighbours as they found their way to our dream. New friendships evolved with like-minded dream catchers through community activities.  We have celebrated birthdays and watched each other become super seniors.
But for some the dream must move on to yet another dream.  No doubt it will cause a chain reaction as our beautiful villas go up for sale and birthdays keep happening.  My dream is the new and younger dream chasers will catch ours and take over where we left off.
We are sad to see you leave us when your beautiful villa sells.  All the best to you both.
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