Hurricane After Heavan

It’s been a long time since my last post. No doubt my followers have moved on but a warm welcome to new friends.

For all the glamour, struggles, laughs, tears, sunsets and drama that has been my life and shared through my blog for fifteen years; I also have reluctantly moved on and now reside in my beloved homeland of Canada.

A health issue reared its ugly head this past summer which necessitated decisions I wasn’t ready for.  Then the Hurricanes struck leaving devastation in its path and those decisions were made for me.

i can tell you what I loved and lost but being the forever optimist I will tell you what I still have.

i am alive. I have an abundance of cherished memories of my life in the Caribbean.  I have a beautiful family who wiped away my tears for weeks when I arrived with only a tooth brush. I have made new and wonderful friends. I am happy sad and full of hope. My house still stands albeit somewhat damaged. I have mitts, a parka and snow boots.  But what I have that beats all else is hope, faith and the will to begin again and I will.

Stay tuned and ride with me into many more sunsets.



Moving On

Twelve years have passed quickly in my paradise of Nevis.
We had not a clue where Nevis was nor had we heard of it.    The miracle of technology (Google) popped out a photo of the lush 36 square mile island when I keyed in the magic words: quiet, remote, tropical, beaches, nature trails and a few others relevant to achieving the best bang for our buck.
Our home was one of the first at an elevation of 600 feet on the west side of Mount Nevis at the edge of the majestic rain forest.  The panoramic view overlooking the Caribbean Sea, where daily spectacular sunsets occur without fail, continues to take my breath away.
We met new neighbours as they found their way to our dream. New friendships evolved with like-minded dream catchers through community activities.  We have celebrated birthdays and watched each other become super seniors.
But for some the dream must move on to yet another dream.  No doubt it will cause a chain reaction as our beautiful villas go up for sale and birthdays keep happening.  My dream is the new and younger dream chasers will catch ours and take over where we left off.
We are sad to see you leave us when your beautiful villa sells.  All the best to you both.
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We Are


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Copyright 2015- Pato

Who are the Sunset Sisters of the Caribbean?

We are the Wild Woman Sisterhood of yesterday.

We dared to be free.

We dared to go where no man would (or could).

We dared to leap over obstacles blocking our path.

We dared to love and be loved.

We dared to pave the way for our daughters – the wild women of today.

This is not about liberation or feminism. It is about what life was meant to be.

We will not be tricked, trapped, teased or tested.

With heads held high, love in our hearts, peace in our souls and a gleam in our eyes, we walk into the sunset of life with no regrets.




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Copyright Pato 2015

Yes there are drawbacks and YES I am the one who made that call.

Yes medical care leaves a lot to be desired here in the Caribbean.  Doctors are excellent but the very ones trained to enhance medical care –  are causing Florence to do flip- flops in her grave which is where you will end up if you become seriously ill.

It was my misfortune to have an accident here 27 months ago.  Too stupid to take out evacuation insurance, I was stuck here. It took four surgeries to put my foot back together again.  The latter three would not have been necessary if the first one had been done right.

I grinned and accepted what was God’s will.  I prayed for the nurses whose incompetence was surely going to cause death(s) if it hadn’t already which I hear is fact. No point in praying for those who were already gone so my prayers were directed specifically to my own well being.

This last surgery which so far has proven successful was my worse nightmare.

I went ‘under’  truly expecting to never see the light of day again.  I already had more than I could endure and thus once more put myself at the mercy of others.

When I did awaken, I felt renewed and relieved until not two hours later when my wonderful and competent doctor came to check on me (something nurses do not do here), my bed was soaked with blood.  I had a bleeder and had it not been for him I surely would have bled to death in full view of several nurses wearing blinding white uniforms and caps – too stiff with starch to allow bending over a patient and too much a crown of some undeserved glory to dare get blood on it.

Later that same day the pain was unbearable.  Several times I asked nurses – any freeking nurse would do, to get me one of my three doctors. I was told this was not something they did.  Three hours later – sobbing with pain and now screaming for help and again (still) being totally ignored as is the standard, I did the only thing that made sense (to me).  I called 911 from my hospital bed.

How word of this spread so many miles I will never know but that is in fact what happened.  To this day, almost a year since that surgery, I am being asked via many venues if it is indeed true that I made that call.

I checked myself out of the hospital soon after this against doctors recommendations.  Why you ask?  Would you dare think that I might have been better cared for after this, or that nurses would feel shame and embarrassment over such an incident.

No, I left the hospital because I now feared that I would not see the light of day again.


Expat Lesson 101


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Copyright Pato 2015

Whatever your reasons for coming here – to spend your wealth, to acquire new riches, for a change of pace, etc. etc…….get a grip now or stay where you are.

IF  – You want to establish an exclusive ‘expat’ community or join one – stay home.

IF  – You want/intend to gate yourself in to the exclusion of natives – stay home.

IF  – You want to take without regard for those you take from – stay home.

IF  – You want to maintain your rituals to the detrement of local culture – stay home.

IF  – You want to become part of this beautiful culture – WELCOME

IF  – You will be respectful of this beautiful culture – WELCOME

IF  – you will enhance the lifestyle of this  beautiful culture  –WELCOME


Heavan on Earth


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Greetings to all.

I need help – big help.

As many of you know, I live on a small island (35 sq. miles) in the Caribbean.
Yes it is paradise but we are in trouble.

The lack of waste management is beginning to show. From unsafe water to litter everywhere and not to mention a rapidly growing rodent population. We recycle NOTHING but have to and must start.

We are third world with limited resources, no experience and not a clue where to get help.

If any of you out there can guide me to all that is required to get this little dot on the globe cleaned up, we will be forever in your debt.

Once upon a time I had the privelege to work on a committee in Northern Ontario. What an enlightening and wonderful experience that was. Although the community was recycling, the massive water system of lakes in Ontario was struggling to survive. Septic tanks long expired were seeping into precious waters. GPS tracking proved invaluable for not only locating these leeching pits but also revealed the floor bottoms of lakes where trash was too deep to get a good measure. Shame shame on all of us for allowing this to happen but hooray hooray to all of us for caring enough to stop the carnage and find the fix.

Please help me earth lovers. Tell me where I can get what we need free or for a minimum.
Send me advice, send me courage.

This is my calling to help this little island for the eleven years of bliss it has given me.


Get Over It


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Copyright Pato 2015

For some time now I have been writing about life in the Caribbean and while all I have written is true, there is a dark side that I have kept hidden.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone as we all put our best forward and then in the quiet private times, we self haunt with long ago miseries which unfortunately, continue to interfere with our current lives.

All pain is self inflicted and no one is to blame but ourselves. Freedom is a state of mind much like that of a three year old child who only complains when hungry, wet, tired and/or not getting his own way. To children there is only the now. Their radiant joy and unconditional love reflect uncluttered minds uninhibited by the past or worry about the future.

We are conditioned by society to be what we are and in so doing we forfeit true freedom.


Wonderful 69


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Copyright Pato 2015

Happy New Year to all. If you are thinking of the Chinese sexual postion where two can chu, you are in for disappointment.

I have been very remiss in my blogging and I offer no excuse as I don’t have one and what do you care anyway. I’m here now and hope you stay tuned. However, for you young ones out there about to close this screen, let me tell you before you go that I hope you are lucky enough to live so long, and if you’re signing off from disappointment over the misleading title, then you probably won’t. Do yourself a favor and archive this page because I sincerely hope you live so long and will enjoy the read.

I am not going to get all gushy and bore you to tears. If you have been following my blogs you already know that I am living my dream and probably yours too. So I will celebrate my youth by passing on a few hints to all my readers (male and female).

1. Love, live, let live and let go.
2. Burn all underwear – it serves no purpose.
3. Move to the Caribbean.
4. Be kind to everyone including those you want to punch.
5. Eat what and when you want.
6. Dont do booze and drugs.
7. Stop talking so much. NO is the one word that says a mouthful.
8. Don’t just listen; hear what is being said.
9. Do not judge lest you be judged yourself.
10. Believe and you will see it.
11. Pray for world peace.
12. Enjoy every breath you take.
13. Learn your lessons.

Happy Birthday everyone – enjoy the ride.

Love Pato

A Mothers Prayer


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Copyright Pato – 2014


My mothers eldest sister suffered polio at a very young age.  For the rest of her life she never walked.  But Aunt Hannah did marry and had six children – three boys followed by three girls.

The eldest son, named Clifford, disappeard at the age of 16.  The years passed with no word but Aunt Hannah never gave up hope that her son was alive and would one day come home.

Forty five years later Clifford did finally come home and he saw his mother one last time – in her coffin.

My fathers youngest sister Alice was widowed at age 32.  She had three sons to care for on very little money but she had faith that all would be well.  Then one day her middle sone Bobby didn’t come home.

 Forty years passed with no word of Bobby’s fate and then one day, my father who was newly retiried and financially able, set out to find Bobby anbd he did some 1,500 miles away.

They talked for hours before placing the call to Alice who cried with joy at the sound of her sons voice.  He promised to be home in two weeks and true to his word he came home.  Aunt Alice got to see her Bobby one last time before she died but he arrived in his coffin.  He was killed in a traffice accident on his way home.

Clifford ran away because he feared one day he would kill his drunken abusive father and Bobby ran away for fear of the shame he would bring down on his hard working mother for stealing a candy bar for which he got caught.

A mothers love never dies – even in death.





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What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

I did not have to  think more than three seconds to find the answer to this question. For those who have followed me from the start, the answer was there but to recap and for new followers, the story goes like this. If you want the “down and dirty, I suggest you order a copy of my book “Almendro  -Under The Almond Tree.”

The short of it……I had it all and lost it.  I did make a crucial mistake but pure evil came into my life;  an agony I was not equipped to handle.

I was forced to live in the jungles of Dominica fighting for survival.  I lived off land and sea, had no electricity, no plumbing, no money and no friends. A 20 foot square tin box (with a roof) was my home for three years.  This was a far cry from the 3,000 square foot villa overlooking the Caribbean Sea that had once been my life savings, my home, my nirvana come true.

Little did I understand the life lesson unfolding beneath my feet.

I found Pato…..the name given me The Carib Tribe.  I found my long lost faith; I found peace, love and friendships; I found courage to confront the evil  that threatened to destroy me.

My life has moved on.  I am restored to the life  I longed for but Dominica is forever in my heart As are the lessons I learned.